Alliance for a Better Utah – Chase Thomas!

chase thomas - Alliance for a Better Utah - Chase Thomas!

Chase Thomas with Alliance for a Better Utah joins us to talk about. accountability in government and what YOU can do to help and what it’s like to fight for progressive causes in a deep red state. We also discuss activism – Call senators, care about scandals, and donate to organization and causes you believe in! DO IT!!!

Also, Courtney joins us to talk about the #metoo movement and why she is starting her own tribe of Amazons.

We introduce our first CONSERVATIVE BAEWATCH! These are conservatives who do good things that week in politics that we’d love to give accolades to… our first Bae may surprise you.

ConservativeBaeWatchMALE 225x300 - Alliance for a Better Utah - Chase Thomas!

We dive into Orrin Hatch’s speech about how he he comes from the poor people lower middle class. Dan discusses strategies about how we can effectively communicate about policy without getting bogged down to personal insults… it’s… hard.

Also, a commercial for liberals about what they can do when Trump comes to down on Monday.

All that and more on this week’s BLACKSITE!


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