Bjork Releases New Video, Achieves Final Form

After more than 60 hours of level-grinding, overly long cut-scenes, and nonsensical plot lines, the cast of Final Fantasy XVI was at last greeted by their final challenge, Icelandic pop artist Bjork. Having mutated beyond recognition, Bjork stepped forth and danced with restraint. “This is it. This is how we save our home. There’s no turning back!” obviously said game protagonist, Fenriz.

Bursting with sparks and defended by her god-like cephalopod, Bjork truly represents the penultimate challenge of the underwhelming and over-hyped game. “We can’t touch her until we defeat those tentacles!” commanded the game’s lone-wolf bruiser, Samhain.

Sara Chalmers, the player controlling these characters, was said to be confused by the sudden end game turn of events, but ultimately liked the music.

Final Fantasy XVI will be disappointing you sometime in 2020.


Bjork’s VR art project ended last year, but we finally have access to the this grand finale video for the song Notget from the album Vulnicura.

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