Donald Trump is His Own Worst Enemy

Did you know that US-backed forces surrounded the ISIS capital in Raqqa and exterminated most of their remaining fighters? ISIS may be on the brink of defeat.

That should be enough for one good news day for this President. Even if he probably had little to do with this victory, he campaigned on defeating ISIS and it seems that may happen.

Yet instead, we spent all day talking about his vile attack on a female journalist. No doubt he would argue this is evidence of how “unfair” the media is to him. But did Donald Trump have to Tweet angry bullying insults when he woke up this morning? Is anyone else responsible for creating that story and making it the headline for the day?

170629094845 trump mika tweet 1024x576 - Donald Trump is His Own Worst Enemy

He could have Tweeted “Good morning! Look how well things are going in Syria today! When is the last time you heard that? #winning” And we’d probably be talking about that

But he can’t help himself. His worst instincts will always win out. This is why he is fundamentally a bad person, and unfit to be President.

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