Episode 7 – Conservative Outreach Month with a hint of Libertarian – March 22, 2017

Guest panelist Yossof Sharifi shares his refugee story and his libertarian viewpoints! Trump’s budget proposal gives a big boost for military, but steep cuts everywhere else. Comey confirms that there is an open, ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election as Trump tweets…the things he tweets. Friend of the Pod Chris Stewart (Come on our show!) is more concerned with leakers than the information learned from the leak (probably because he believes snitches should get stitches). New video produced by the Mormon church about accepting gay kids. Utah Trump surrogate calls on non-trump voters to REPENT!!! (Thanks, but I won’t.) Congressman Chris Stewart having a town hall this Friday at West High School – unclear if out-of-state protesters will be paid extra for gas mileage

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