Jason Chaffetz Steps Down…To Only Step Up Again?

Today Utah Democrats woke up to a bright new reality, one in which Jason Chaffetz would no longer be the embarrassing thorn-in-their side, constantly embarrassing them from afar, and ignoring and deriding them in Utah. But once the euphoria fades, Utah Democrats may find that the absence of a well-known Republican whipping boy may make their fight to regain the 3rd district all the more difficult.

Democratic fundraising front-runner, Dr. Kathie Allen, rode the wave of voter’s disgust with Chaffetz to her current war chest of more than $500,000 far more money than any Democratic challenger has raised in this district in recent memory. Tweets of his notorious Cell Phone Incident helped propel Allen into the spotlight, and drove hundreds of thousands in donations from irate donors across the country. With the loss of a Chaffetz foil, Democrats will need to stir up organic momentum in order to maintain both fundraising, and to motivate their base in this heavily-gerrymandered district to get out and vote.

This sudden departure may make it seem like Chaffetz is stepping out of the limelight, but it is more likely that Jason has his eye on another prize: Governor of Utah. While many public figures purchase various domains for potential future website needs, it should be noted that www.jasonforgovernor.com redirects to Chaffetz’s Congressional campaign website. Coincidence? We think not.

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