POPcast Episode 18: Best of 2017 (so far) Awards!!!

You heard our nominations for Blacksite POPcast Best of 2017 (so far) last week. Now, we hand out the awards. Tony from the Hammicus podcast joins us to weigh in on what we missed. Plus, we share results from the survey on what your favorite media of 2017 has been. Thanks to whoever picked “Blacksite Podcast” for everything. That’s not a joke. Some sad person really did that.

Best TV of 2017 So Far: The Leftovers

Best Vidya Game of 2017 So Far: NieR: Automata

Best Album of 2017 So Far: Pure Comedy- Father John Misty

Best Comic of 2017 So Far: The Flintstones, DC Comics

Best Film of 2017 So Far: Get Out


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