The Secret GOP Guide to Responding to Any Political Scandal

At Blacksite Podcast, we care about investigative journalism. So when a source within the GOP offered to share with us their internal memo directing the party how to respond to ANY emerging political scandal, we were definitely interested.

It took us a long time to parse the various paths laid out in this document, but once we saw the pattern, we realized almost EVERY elected Republican was following its directives to a “T.” We believe this complex guide is the key to understanding everything that has happened since Trump became President.

Warning: once you view this document, you will see its influence EVERYWHERE.


GOP Scandal - The Secret GOP Guide to Responding to Any Political Scandal


Do you see it? I know it can be hard to follow, but the key factor seems to be whether or not the person involved in the scandal is a Republican. The GOP response to every scandal hinges on this one subtle tell.

You might think that, say, punching a reporter is something that would result in abject condemnation from both sides of the political spectrum. But follow this flowchart and you see that the proper response when a Republican is involved is to just be fine with it.

How about a Republican President firing the director of the FBI as he was investigating collusion with a hostile foreign power? You see, even in that situation, we end up in the red circle. “Troubled” and “disappointed,” but ultimately fine with it.

Ok, but what if a Republican did something really crazy, like… take a dump on his desk? Anderson Cooper knows where we end up.


The document’s influence is most visible in cases where two people from different parties are accused of doing essentially the same thing. For example, how should the GOP respond to a government official who was careless with classified information, possibly endangering American lives?

Again, it’s not so much about what happened, but about the party affiliation of the person who did it. If the person is a Republican, express some concern but defend the move. If it’s a Democrat, start several congressional investigations, chant “lock her up” at every opportunity, and perpetuate conspiracy theories suggesting she’s running child sex slavery rings and probably murdered people. See the difference?

Remember, it’s important for the response to fit not the conduct, but the stated political allegiance of the person who engaged in it.

It’s all explained by the handy flow chart. Keep it with you for reference.

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