The new Star Wars trailer is here, and IT HAS POD RACING!

The trailer for Episode VIII is upon us. Do you dare to gaze upon it?



After the last two (or is it five?) initially exciting but ultimately disappointing entries in this franchise, I’m not sure how much faith to put in a good trailer at this point. But I will admit this is, in fact, a good trailer.

The visuals here are a lot more grounded than what you saw in episode VII. I wouldn’t expect a big CGI monster chase in this one, and there’s nary a lens flare to be found.

Will this be the new series’ Empire Strikes Back? Between the darker tone established by Luke Skywalker’s last line (“It’s time for the Jedi to end.”) and the suggestions of an endless training montage on a jungle planet, I’m guessing the filmmakers hope so!

But the biggest surprise here is the return of… wait for it… POD RACING! Just like the people demanded! Will we also learn the fate of beloved icon Jar Jar Binks?


maxresdefault - The new Star Wars trailer is here, and IT HAS POD RACING!


Seriously, though, this thing looks pretty good. Rian Johnson is one of my favorite directors. (He made Brick, Looper, and that episode of Breaking Bad where they spent the whole time trying to catch a fly.) I trust him to deliver a movie that will not disappoint. And at this point, that is just what the Star Wars series needs.

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