Trump’s “Eyes and Ears” are Everywhere in Government

The Washington Post reports Trump has installed loyalists within every Executive agency. These are separate from the department heads, which are appointed in a more transparent process. They are there ensure his agenda is carried out and be his “eyes and ears” within those departments. One of them is this horrible person.

The Trump administration argues these loyalists are necessary to steer the government away from its past excesses and toward Trump’s vision of a smaller, less regulated, and shittier government. (Ok, we added the last one.)

There’s some fairness to that argument. After all, we’ve already seen leaks and some rebellion from the various agencies under Trump’s executive control. Trump is probably right that many people in these agencies would rather not see every item on his agenda fully enacted.

But isn’t that back-and-forth part of a healthily functioning democracy? Do we really want everyone involved in the executive branch completely under the thumb of a President with an extreme agenda? Especially one who wasn’t even elected by majority vote?

Trump continues to govern as if he has some kind of broad mandate from the people. Yet the 2016 election was more of an angry shrug. At most, it was a middle-finger to the establishment, but that’s still not a wholesale endorsement of Trump’s increasingly right-wing agenda.

The Washington Post points out that Trump is using tactics similar to those Abraham Lincoln used to bring the rebelling South to heel during the Civil War. Yet the current United States isn’t nearly as broken as it was then, and Trump is sure as Hell no Abraham Lincoln.

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  1. Joaquim Eames says:

    I think we’re all more concerned about where his hands are!…but seriously, this is deeply concerning for the security of the nation.

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